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Gentoo-sources 2.6.38 released

Just a quick note to announce gentoo-sources-2.6.38 has been released which includes the fbcondecor patch. Also note that the per-session group scheduling patch is included in this release from upstream. I also committed vanilla-sources-2.6.38, as well.

Kernel Econet root exploit

The Gentoo Kernel Team (thanks, asn!) have released 3 patched kernels that cover the Econet root exploit described at: http://lwn.net/Articles/419141/ This covers (CVE-2010-3850), (CVE-2010-3849) and (CVE-2010-4258). The following gentoo-sources contain the fixes: gentoo-sources-2.6.36-r4, gentoo-sources-2.6.35-r14 and gentoo-sources-2.6.32-r23. Edit: 2.6.36-r4, not r6,…
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If you haven’t heard about the new ~200 line patch which, for some users, has improved interactivity on the desktop, you can read about it here. I have released a masked version of gentoo-sources (gentoo-sources-2.6.36-r2) which contains the backport to…
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