Linux 3.0 released for Gentoo

Linux 3.0 is now released for Gentoo users in both vanilla and gentoo-source versions. These two ebuilds should be hitting the mirrors in the next few hours.

Currently, deblob support is not available due to the kernel tarball being named 3.0 and the deblob script being 3.0.0. The eclass needs to be looked at to see how to handle this. It would be helpful if everything was named either 3.0 or 3.0.0. A mix makes things a bit more challenging.


  1. Jeremy Olexa

    Hello, while not looking into it *at all*, I’m pretty confident that you could use SRC_URI arrows (EAPI2 feature) to rename the tarball to 3.0.0 and then the tarballs would be in synergy to what you expect… Anyway, not sure but it might help you out while thinking of a solution.

  2. G.

    Thanks! Would love to see it in hardened-sources!

  3. Hong Zhiyi

    Thanks you very much!

  4. admin (Post author)

    Thanks! This might be something I can use.

  5. Andreas

    And before X-Mas 3.0 vanilla-sources have been deleted… before christmas I’ve updatet one of my servers to 3.0.6 vanilla-sources – today no update to 3.x vanilla-sources is marked as stable 🙁

  6. admin (Post author)

    Andreas, feel free to open a bug to request 3.1 stabilization

  7. Andrius

    deblob support was again removed 🙁

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