Kernel Maintenance Help Part 2

Many years ago, the Gentoo kernel lead asked for help.  2 people responded.  I was one of them.  So I figured if I got 2-3 people and one stuck around, I would be in good shape.

This time, I got 26 people responding offering their help. Four of which are currently Gentoo developers. First, I’d like to thank everyone that responded. I was extremely surprised.

Now, since I cannot mentor 22 people at the same time I need to think of a plan.  I’m hoping to lean on the Gentoo developers, as they are already developers and will need a fraction of the instructions that the others will.  This is not a slight on anyone’s ability, just the whole Gentoo Way(tm) thing will not have to be taught to these folks.  They can also commit todayfor eclass changes and bump kernels as needed. Also, if everything goes well, they can help me mentor who from the other 19 want to follow through the entire process.

I’m going to try to get everyone started triaging bugs and then go from there. Thanks again, everyone. Expect an email from me very soon.


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  1. Theo Chatzimichos

    I can help with the quiz, tell anyone to contact me directly on IRC

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