kdbus in gentoo-sources


Keeping with the theme of ‘Gentoo is about choice” I’ve added the ability for users to include kdbus into their gentoo-sources kernel.  I wanted an easy way for gentoo users to test the patchset while maintaining the default installation of not having it at all.

In order to include the patchset on your gentoo-sources you’ll need the following:

1. A kernel version >= 4.1.0-r1

2. the ‘experimental’ use flag

3. the ‘kdbus’ use flag

I am not a systemd user, but from the ebuild it looks like if you build systemd with the ‘kdbus’ use flag it will use it.

Please send all kdbus bugs upstream by emailing the developers and including linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org in the CC .

Read as much as you can about kdbus before you decided to build it into your kernel.  There have been security concerns mentioned (warranted or not), so following the upstream patch review at lkml.org would probably be prudent.

When a new version is released, wait a week before opening a bug.  Unless I am on vacation, I will most likely have it included before the week is out. Thanks!

NOTE: This is not some kind of Gentoo endorsement of kdbus.  Nor is it a Mike Pagano endorsement of kdbus.  This is no different then some of the other optional and experimental patches we carry.  I do all the genpatches work which includes the patches, the ebuilds and the bugs therefore since I don’t mind the extra work of keeping this up to date, then I can’t see any reason not to include it as an option.




  1. Markus Rathgeb

    “Gentoo is about choice”!
    Thank you to give the option to use it or to leave it.
    No discussion about pro, cons, … just the option.

  2. Johannes Huber

    Great news. I am excited to test it. Thank you for providing the feature.

  3. Reuben

    System starts up easily enough. My KDE environment appears to fail though when trying to create a session bus.

  4. eliasp

    I’d love to have kdbus (optionally) in gentoo-sources. I’m currently building it manually and this would make it quite a bit more comfortable.

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