Netflix on Gentoo

Contrary to some articles you may read on the internet, NetFlix is working great on Gentoo.

Here’s a snap shot of my system running 3.12.30-gentoo sources and google chrome version 39.0.2171.19_p1.



$ equery l google-chrome-beta
* Searching for google-chrome-beta …
[IP-] [ ] www-client/google-chrome-beta-39.0.2171.19_p1:0




  1. Aaron W. Swenson

    Yeah, I just posted a comment with a link here.

    When will they figure out that Gentoo is awesome?

  2. threesixes

    Reisio’sf a quality funtooer… lol @ so much epic quality documentation coming from funtoo users.

    “Go to and rot your brain.”

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