gentoo-sources-2.6.29-r5 released

Just a quick note to say we have released gentoo-sources-2.6.29-r5 which includes linux

Give it a test, please, as we plan on asking for 2.6.29 stablizing real soon™ .


  1. Toralf Förster

    Interesting news, b/c I switched in the meanwhile from gentoo sources to vanilla …

  2. Atanas

    I am testing it on my thinkpad x31, no problems so far 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Gef

    Testing it now, no problem so far (same thing with a local bump of tuxonice-sources with K_GENPATCHES_VER=”7″ ).
    Thanks for your work.

  4. Michael

    I updated from gentoo-sources-2.6.28r5 to gentoo-sources-2.6.29r5

    The system itself boots up fine..

    As I am using xf86-video-intel-2.7.1 on an i965 graphic chip I also enabled KMS as described in

    on an xorg-server-1.5.3-r6.

    However, my login manager (kdm) starts up fine and let me log in, but when KDE 3.5 has started, seems to crash with this message:

    0: /usr/bin/X(xorg_backtrace+0x38) [0x812819c]

    Fatal server error:
    Caught signal 11. Server aborting

    Any ideas???

  5. Godhack

    Option “dri” “false” helps but slow thigs down a lot. bugs same here on r4.

  6. Miguel


    That seems to be a HAL problem. More info in this thread:

    It’s suggested to downgrade HAL until it’s fixed.

    Good luck!

    PS: No problems with 2.6.29-r5 so far.

  7. Cedric

    Testing it on an ASUS G1S and it’s working like a charm.

    Thanks for the great work

  8. Tifauv'

    I found only one problem so far : I can’t compile the vboxdrv module (virtualbox-modules-1.6.6) against this kernel.

    So I can’t use VirtualBox with it, quite bad as I need it for work :-/
    I sticked to the previous 2.6.28-r5.

  9. Joachim

    Here is the bugzilla bug report for the compilation error of virtualbox-modules-1.6.6-r1

  10. Miguel Sanjurjo

    I was looking for a place to post the following fix and found your weblog, so here I go:
    A lot of people are having problems resuming from suspend-to-ram since 2.6.29 (for what a I found googling around the issue). In my specific case everything worked great with 2.6.28-r5 (on a ThinkPad X31), and after upgrading to 2.6.29-r5 suspend-to-ram broke… just a blank screen after resuming, no blinking cursor, no backlight, no input reaction, no nothing (Suspend-to-disk worked perfectly, as with 2.6.28.-r5). But If I compile the kernel with CONFIG_PM_DEBUG then it works again. I can’t quite understand why this is… but it works (/sys/power/pm_test is set to default=none)

  11. muhsinzubeir

    On my machine this version of kernel, creates some few problems to the point that I have to downgrade to linux-2.6.28-gentoo-r5.Here are the noticable issue, I have kde as desk env.

    **Using reboot, halt, etc as root on the terminal doesnt make the system reboot or anything, until i hit the keyboard then kde log me off.And I have to say reboot again at the kdm, to get really rebooted.
    **Apart from the above problem, after I get rebooted with all those troubles the system starts to replay journals of some reiserfs partitions including home.
    **Ocationally it happens that the root partition when running this kernel get listed as full disk, which is not true.

    So all in all this kernel version had to be masked on my gentoo box..

    Sorry for these negative comments about this kernel version….they normally tend to be ok


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