Gentoo-sources 2.6.27 released

Just a quick note that I just committed gentoo-sources-2.6.27 with ~x86.  Other archs, please test and keyword at your convenience.



  1. Michael Croes

    Seems like you’ve woken up the amd64 herd… Somehow they got it into their minds that because the nvidia driver was broken that 2.6.27 rc releases should lack an amd64 keyword at all… Hooray for inconsistency. Thanks for waking them up though, better late than never…

  2. Kevin Bowling


    Any clue as to why DSD stopped doing gentoo-sources and the lack of bugfix bumps in stable/unstable?

    Anyways, thanks for the new release!

  3. admin (Post author)


    Dsd has been in Ethiopia handing out laptops to underprivileged children.
    Which in the grand scheme of life is way more important than gentoo-sources.

    As fas as bumps in stable/unstable, in less than one week I put out a new .25, .26 and .27 gentoo-sources. So… doing my best over here.

  4. klon

    Heh, and to think I’ve just compiled git-sources-2.6.27-r1 on my Thinkpad T500 to get wireless 😀 I’ll go for gentoo-sources after lectures today. Still, as I know, ati-drivers won’nt compile on 2.6.27 anyway –

    Thanks for doing great work 🙂

  5. iprebeg

    isn’t dsd in Africa, doing OLPC stuff?

  6. Daniel Drake

    I’m currently in Ethiopia working on the OLPC projects here. My laptop died, not exactly the most convenient place for that to happen. I’ll be back in the US with access to a Gentoo system in a week’s time and will continue as time permits…

    Many thanks to Mike for keeping up with the basic maintenance and bug handling over the last few weeks and months!

  7. quantumsummers

    Great work Mike!! Looking forward to testing.


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