‘Paste Select’ in Konsole

Update (10/21/07):
ebuild and patch for konsole 3.5.8

I always felt a ‘paste selection’ menu item in konsole would be a great feature to have. I coded a two liner for konsole and submitted it to the KDE
Bug Tracking System

Unfortunately, the maintainer didn’t feel that anyone nowadays could actually not have a middle mouse button (which performs the paste selection). Of course, my core 2 laptop doesn’t have a middle mouse button.

Anyways, I wrote a small patch that you can apply against the konsole source to add the feature. I’ve also made a minor ebuild for Gentoo users that will apply the patch, compile and install the application.

For help on installing 3rd Party Ebuilds, you can look here: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Handbook:X86/Portage/CustomTree

kde 3.5.8
Ebuild (konsole-3.5.8-r1)
(place in the ‘files’ directory)

kde 3.5.7
Ebuild (konsole-3.5.7-r1)
Patch (place in the ‘files’ directory)

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