Looking to buy my *last* computer desk

Does anyone have an suggestions for a good sized (60+ inch ) desk that can handle multiple computer systems?

It would be great to have trays to hide wires and be one level to handle 3 or more computers with LCD monitors.

I find keyboard trays to be space limiting. An L-shaped or curved design would work for me.

It’s a good idea to have multiple systems for Kernel work so as not to bork your primary computers and I’m starting to outgrow my desk. Looking to setup an addtional system for systemd stuff and I have no room!

It can’t be a crazy homemade job, I’m married and have an approval process to go through. (even though it will reside in the man-cave.)




  1. Dave

    What I have always done is this: Find a good used office furniture place in your city. Good quality, heavy wooden (or even steel) desks never wear out. I have a regular flat top desk with a few drawers on one side both at home and in the office, and you can literally jump on them without worry. Both have two 24 inch LCDs and have oodles of room to spare. The desk I type this from was about $150 used, which is a steal when you consider what that would buy you from office depot or the like. HTH

  2. admin (Post author)

    @Dave, that’s a great idea. This was actually sparked by my employer’s new office desks that are amazing. They won’t tell me any of the manufacturers as the bid process is still in flight. Thanks!

  3. robbat2

    Look at the IKEA Galant desks. Used of course, not new. They sell a tray unit to attach on the underside as well. Lastly, I also ziptie powerbars to the legs 🙂

  4. admin (Post author)

    @Robbat2, thanks Robin. I found a fairly expensive one, but it looks like it will work:


  5. BradN

    Lian Li sells (or at least used to, can’t find it on their website now) some pretty bitchin’ aluminum computer desks, but they seem mostly designed for a single machine. That shouldn’t stop you from putting one or two more underneath though.

    It’s rather pricy though, almost 2 grand. But it’s slick looking; it looks like something you’d design a space shuttle on.

    Also available in annodized black aluminum.

  6. Daniel Robbins

    If you want to buy your last desk, you should definitely consider http://www.athro.com – take a look at the 60″ AnthroCarts. They’re built like tanks. Monitor their site for sales which can significantly reduce the steep cost of these desks. Like many things, this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for and you can be happily using the same desk in 15 years, so factor that in to the cost. Also, only buy essential accessories. Also consider looking on craigslist for used AnthroCarts that you can get for a steal.



  7. admin (Post author)

    Thanks, Daniel. I will definitely check them out. Great to hear from you!

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