gEZTip is a FREE tip calulator for your android phone!

Current Version: 1.8


Version 1.8

Added line for total bill and tip.

Version 1.5

Graphical keyboard for easier input. Computes result on focus change.

Version 1.3

Enables use of the enter key to move from field to field

Version 1.2

Focus is now properly set on the first edit box.

Version 1.1

Added a text box for the sales tax. The calculator will now calulate the tip on the pre sales tax figure.  I also added a menu option to save the sales tax entered.

You can get gEZTIP from:

The Android Market




  1. Al Sutton


    Can you update your AndAppStore listing to 1.8, it looks like you’ve removed the 1.5 version you currently have listed there.



  2. admin (Post author)

    @Al Sutton

    I don’t see gEZTip in andappstore. (And they don’t seem to want me to reset my password).

    got a link?

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