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Wanted: Stable gentoo-sources-2.6.35-rX

Why isn’t any version of gentoo-sources 2.6.35 stable?

There exists a bug that appears with the combination of the dhcpcd module from baselayout-1 and kernel versions >= 2.6.35.
Since we could not use a stable kernel with a stable baselayout, arch teams were not keen on stablizing the kernel alone.

We have been working on the dhcpcd fix in bug #262097.

We have a working patch and Vapier has blessed, committed it and then released a new baselayout which uses it; baselayout-1.12.14.

On the other side, WilliamH and some others are working to stablize openrc which will make baselayout 1 obsolete.  We are attacking this issue from both ends which will eventually result in a stable 2.6.35 kernel.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to test the new baselayout-1, please do so and report any bugs.

Thanks to the following users and developers for reporting, testing and contributing to the patch.

Paul B. Henson
Toralf Förster
Mike Frysinger
William Hubbs
Mark Keisler
Gil Kloepfer
Roy Marples
Jeremy Murphy
Rafal Muzylo
Jiri Pittner
Dmitri Pogosia

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Looking to buy my *last* computer desk

Does anyone have an suggestions for a good sized (60+ inch ) desk that can handle multiple computer systems?

It would be great to have trays to hide wires and be one level to handle 3 or more computers with LCD monitors.

I find keyboard trays to be space limiting. An L-shaped or curved design would work for me.

It’s a good idea to have multiple systems for Kernel work so as not to bork your primary computers and I’m starting to outgrow my desk. Looking to setup an addtional system for systemd stuff and I have no room!

It can’t be a crazy homemade job, I’m married and have an approval process to go through. (even though it will reside in the man-cave.)



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Kernel vulnerability patched in latest gentoo-sources

The kernel vulnerability detailed at the register has been fixed in the follow gentoo-source versions:




This vulnerability allows root access escalation on 64 bit installations.  Hardened users can read blueness’ post to the mailing list.

Details on what patches are contained in these releases can be found on the genpatches website.

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