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The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. -Mark Twain

“Failing that, the latest news item on the Gentoo Linux home page — announcing the October 15 weekly newsletter — could be the project’s very last news release.” – DistroWatch

Come again?

Yes, Gentoo has some issues concerning the Gentoo foundation. Yes, we are actively working on straightening out these issues. No, Gentoo is not dying. Developers are still coding, servers are still humming and moral among developers that I work with is high. This is not a full time job where the miserable guy in the cube next to you keeps chugging on because he has a mortgage and 4 kids. When a developers of this distribution lose faith they leave. This leaves more happy and highly motivated people in Gentoo then you probably see at your day job.

The state of the foundation is not something that will stop the kernel team from releasing kernels, the KDE team from working their butts off so KDE 4 compiles on everyone’s machine, or the release team from creating and testing the forthcoming release. The same people are hard at work doing the same job they were doing two weeks ago.

Users: don’t think for an instance that the developer base disregards your feelings concerning the distribution. I spend a great amount of time in bugzilla for our users benefit. I enjoy it, and I plan on to keep doing it. Try to remember why you chose to use Gentoo in the first place. Did anyone actually pick Gentoo because of the foundation set up after Daniel Robbins left? I kinda doubt it.

We’ve have identified the issue and now some dedicated members are working to a solution that will probably not satisfy everyone, but will be a well thought out solution for the continued health of the project. Mark my words, we have some really smart folks and Gentoo will come out of this stronger then ever.

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